For the Matrix-Q Prediction Services, we utilize both Matrix-Q Quantum Tools, Matrix-Q Holistic Data, and Human Competences (Matrix-Q Specialists)

Our customers collaborate with the prediction process, by completing a Matrix-Q DNA Assessment or capacity scan.  Or eventually by participating in a brief workshop, introduction to Matrix-Q Prediction Methodology.

We provide services for both corporate and private persons.



  • Organization Matrix-Q DNA Generation
  • Organization Matrix-Q Evolution Analysis (Trends and patterns)
  • Matching global futurist predictions with an organization's predicted timeline
  • Strategic advice, risk management
  • Design of solutions, training, and coaching
  • The Tomorrow's People Club Membership for a number of members (Per person)



  • Personal Matrix-Q DNA Generation
  • Matrix-Q Evolution Analysis (Trends and patterns, biography time line)
  • Matching of global futurist predictions with personal predicted time line
  • Strategic advice, risk management
  • Design of solutions, training, and coaching
  • The Tomorrow's People Club Membership for one person

The Tomorrow's People Club - Membership

With invitation only

Members of our club are entrepreneurs, leaders, networks, and companies, fascinated by time, the future, and change.

We host events in which the Matrix-Q Predictions will be shared, conversations will be moderated, and collective advice will be provided.


  • Members have requested individually a prediction
  • We match the individual /organization Matrix-Q DNA with a global/local predicted timeline of events
  • A predictive analysis, tailor-made to the individual is provided with a private report, risk management,  strategic or personal development advice
  • Eligible candidates may join (with invitation only) The Tomorrow People Club.
  • Members attend presentations/reports, participate in conversations, and collective feedback on new predictions
  • As well as attend training programs, seminars, or events (special conditions for members apply)

Read your Future

We have successfully tested our prediction algorithms, for the last 729 days (2 years), and learned how to read the forces that influence change and transition in the life of a person, in a company, in a nation, and in the world.

The future is not a secret anymore...

The future's reading service includes

  • 1x Time-Line's patterns of changes and transitions  
  • 1x Assessment of forces influencing the timeline

Also available under request  

  • Up to 36 Parallel Time-Lines Prediction
  • 1x Coaching: Setting a road map, goals, milestones, priorities, tactics, strategies, and protocols, in relation to the "Predicted Time Line"
  • 1x Translating your timeline patterns of change and transition into music
  • 1x Translating your timeline into a play of primordial archetypes, a story to be told 
  • 1x Mentoring / Sparring: Best practices, navigating the predicted timeline
  • 1x Workshop: Matrix-Q Navigation Tools: Change & Transition (40 min, 80 min, 120 min, 160 min, 200 min)
  • 1x Printed (digital PDF report: Predicted Time Line)
  • 1x Workshop: Technical use of emotions, consciousness, and mindset to navigate change & transition
  • 1x Workshop: Holistic Data-Driven Time-Line patterns-validation Tool
  • 1x Workshop: Matrix-Q Thinking with Primordial Archetypes, Personal Growth & Leadership Styles
  • 1x Workshop: Matrix-Q Quantum Co-creativity: Harnessing 3 forces to create the future you want
  • 1x Matrix-Q IKIGAI Workshop: Aligning personal purpose with a Predicted TimeLine
  • 1x Matrix-Q SWOT Workshop: Assessment of Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Threats
  • 1x Matrix-Q DNA Assessment of Capacity (9 Holistic Fields of Skills/Knowledge)
  • 1x Matrix-Q Wealth-Ability Assessment: Capacity to generate holistic wealth (9 Streams of Value, 9 Capitals, Holistic circular wealth generation capacity)


  • The Standard Time-Line Prediction Session takes 40+ min, It can be done Online or 1-2-1 (In Rhenen, The Netherlands)
  • Alternative: To schedule 1x 20 min online session for Q&A. The Matrix-Q Specialist will then proceed with the prediction, and schedule another 1x20 min for the presentation including Q&A