Matrix-Q Quantum Vision provides strategic advice on future scenarios.

We predict, analyze, and craft tailor-made strategic solutions for your unique future timeline

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Futurist Prediction

In order to navigate time, we need to build a solid bridge between the past and the future (the wings of time).

Acting in the present strategically involves knowledge of the future, of a history of trends and patterns, rhythms and flows, and the legacy of the past.

A Prediction is a statement of what you think will happen in the future

Making of uncertainty your friend

We are living in a time of continuous change, in which complex scenarios, ambiguity, and uncertainty are experienced frequently.

Under "normal" circumstances we feel confident in our ability to utilize our resources, time, knowledge, and skills, in order to address the challenges we aim to face, achieve the goals and milestones we set, and complete the tasks we have been assigned to.

But WHAT IF....?  normal isn't there anymore? 

Navigating Change

Our ability to navigate change becomes our best resource.

If we would have a map in advance, and enough time to set feasible scenarios and ideal strategies, our chances will certainly increase.

Looking at the future is something we all do, with hopes, wishes, happiness, and freedom. Maybe with a bold mindset. Certainly, we may also decide to look at the future with concern. 

What can make a difference in your future, is your capacity to look at change without fear, but as a friendly opportunity to grow, evolve, learn, and become.  Here learn more about our predictions and positive holistic mindset approach.


Prediction, Analysis & Advice

We utilize Matrix-Q Tools and data to generate predictions and analyze future feasible scenarios.

The tomorrow people club

With invitation only

Members of our club are entrepreneurs, leaders, networks, and companies, fascinated by time, the future, and change.

We host events in which the Matrix-Q Predictions will be shared, conversations will be moderated, and collective advice will be provided.

R&D Innovation Futurist Tools

The Matrix-Q Research Institute Futurist studies since 1997, consider holistic data sets, and individuals and collective behavior patterns globally.

Our methodology has been tested and improved frequently.

Since 2015 we utilize Matrix-Q Algorithms and since 2018 Matrix-Q Data analysis

The Matrix-Q Human-Earth Matrix serves us to study rhythms, cycles, patterns, and trends. 

With the development of the Matrix-Q A.I. we are preparing ourselves for a quantum jump in the art of prediction, futurist analysis, and strategic management of a vision.

The Futurist

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

  • Futurist, visionary
  • Multidisciplinary researcher, innovator, explorer.
  • Fascinated by time, and change.
  • Creator of the Matrix-Q Body-of-Work, quantum tools, holistic data analysis, methodology, skills, knowledge, and technology.
  • Founder of the Matrix-Q Innovators & Entrepreneurs Ecosystem in the Netherlands.
  • Specialized in the human variable behind the sustainable development equation.
  • More about Luis

We publish in this page links to our most recent futurist predictions.


2022.August - 2026.June

Patterns, cycles, rhythms, bridges in time.

We have predicted that "Powerful transformative event(s) will shake both north, south, east and west, but stability will remain." 

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2030, 2050, 2080 & 2120

We find ourselves in a transition to a climate change economy, while we intend to accelerate globally our transition back to a sustainable future, it is unavoidable that futurist studies need to focus on both possible scenarios (positive and negative outcomes) and the diversity of ramifications they enable.

The holistic art of prevention

There are proactive, positive, and constructive approaches to utilize information in the future

One of them is PREVENTION. 

Prevention is a challenge for our modern society that is used to react to short-term experienced threats or tangible, perceivable situations. 

Considering that the perception of an event is not the description of such after it took place, prevention means to act when nothing has happened yet.

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The act of stopping something from happening or of stopping someone from doing or not doing something. Or in other words, the act of changing the future outcomes by acting today with knowledge of a predicted future

A destiny with purpose

When we set a plan of action, mentally and fiscally we also gather ourselves, knowing we will need a certain amount of energy to achieve results. We do that subconsciously, automatically. We set a goal, and we feel we can achieve it, somehow we know we will have the energy to do it.

But WHAT IF...? everything changes along the road, and keeps on changing. Do you recognize that sense of tiredness, and the amount of energy you need to start over again and again?

In the podcast, I am sharing why living a life with purpose, generating holistic wealth (See The Matrix-Q 9 streams of resources of holistic capitalism or the 9 capitals), and care for a mission beyond yourself, would give you 3 times more energy, time, resources, and opportunities

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Why you do something or why something exists:

The statement "Know thyself" gives you already a hint of how self-knowledge can serve you in times of change. Through self-knowledge, you arrive at the realization of your own purpose in life or the purpose that your life or company/project can have for future generations, or for your own future.